Where do you get your tires?
AWe collect our tires from loyal customers, tire retailers, garages, and small businesses throughout the Pennsylvania area, and surrounding states.
What do we do with our the tire we collect?
AThe majority of our tires, as well as the majority of recycled tires nationwide, are made as Tire Derived Fuel (simply known as T.D.F.).  But some of our tires we used as various Tire Derived Products, some of which you can find on our website, such as “Eco-Welcome Mats” and “Truck Tire Sidewalls.”
You said your tires are used as fuel, isn’t burning tires bad for the environment?
ATire derived fuel (TDF) is cheaper than oil, and has an equivalent heating value. TDF, burned at proper facilities, also has a lower sulfur and nitrogen content than oil, so air emissions are often better.
How do you recycle your tires?
AThe majority of our tires are recycled using state-of-art tire recycling shredders and technologies.  Though some tires require special treatment or are used for different purposes and are handled more individually.

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